CNS online preceptor training

To access Canvas, the IU learning management system, where the online CNS preceptor course is housed, you must have either an active IU username and passphrase or create an IU Guest Account.

Please complete the online course and the evaluation as soon as possible to be prepared for the semester. Thank you!

Amy Shay, CNS Program Coordinator and
Lisa Wagnes, Center for Professional Development & Lifelong Learning

Do you already have an IU login?

If you already have an Indiana University username or an active IU Guest Account, please send it to with your name and “CNS preceptor through IUSON” and we can add you to the course that way.

Important step. Do not skip!

Once you have activated your guest account through the IU technology website, you ALSO need to activate it in the Canvas system.

  1. Use your web browser and go to the Canvas home page.
  2. Log into Canvas with your new IU Guest account username (your complete email address) and the passphrase you chose when you created your IU Guest account. This allows Canvas to recognize your account. NOTE: We cannot add you to the course site until this step is completed.
  3. You will not see any courses listed in Canvas yet.
  4. Finally, send an email to; include the following information:  
    • Name
    • Email (the same email you used to create the IU Guest account)
    • Course: CNS Preceptor through IUSON
  5. We will add you to the course site after we receive this information.
  6. You will receive an email notification from Canvas letting you know when you have been added to the course.